2490 W Grand Ridge Rd
Mazon, IL 60444
(815) 448-2175

Operations: Greg Barrera 
Operations: Charles Worley

We look forward to continuing to work with our customers in the Mazon area with a high level of customer service. The Mazon Elevator is open and staffed Monday – Friday 7am-4pm for grain deliveries. Please continue to contact the Mazon FS Grain office directly and Lisa Scribner will be available to service your grain marketing and customer service needs. Lisa will be on-site Tuesdays and Thursdays 7am-11am or by appointment. 

The direct line extension for scale information is 815-448-2175 ext. 1218.

The direct line extension for grain marketing and settlement information is 815-448-2175 ext. 1220.

Office Hours: 7:00 - 11 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday or by appointment
Scale Hours: 7:00 -4

For harvest hours, click here.

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