FS Grain Marketing Services



Diversify your marketing portfolio with a managed bushel program. Through FS Grain you can enroll bushels in the trusted Roach Ag pricing program, receiving notifications when sales are made according to their proprietary marketing system.  These notifications detail the market factors that went into the sale decision.

You can also enroll bushels in the AgriVisor pricing program using their long time expertise.  They consider a variety of factors when pricing your grain and provide bi-weekly updates that keep you informed of what's going on in the market even if they aren't making sales.

Another program that is availbable is based on a technical indicator and completely objective.  The growing presence of speculative funds in the commodity markets and the added volatility have made marketing grain more frustrating.  Use the technically driven program to help the price volatility work for you. 



+ Use of complex strategies without the need of a brokerage account.

+ Takes emotion out of marketing a portion of annual production.

+ Flexible time of shipment and delivery destinations.

+ Notifications each time an advisor prices bushels within the program.

+ Variety of program options available between, old crop, new crop and long term options as well as the ability to work with up to 4 different advisors.



  • The farmer receives an average futures price at the end of the program which may differ from current market prices.
  • Once bushels are enrolled in the program, they cannot be withdrawn.


GAPP is a program offered by FS GRAIN where enrolled bushels are grouped with other producers’ bushels and priced evenly at the close of every trading day within the program pricing period. At the end of the program, you receive an average price. 


This program offers an old crop corn option, in addition to new crop options for both corn and soybeans. Additional options include cash, picked-up and HTA (fees apply). Old crop corn trades off the July while new crop trades off the November or December futures.



+ Program is based off of 15 year seasonal futures price charts where the program period is adjusted each year to capture the historical higher price time range.

+ No charge to enroll bushels.

+ Various contract options.

+ Free for Fall delivery.



  • The farmer receives an average price at the end of the program that may differ from current prices that may be higher.
  • The average price of the contract moves less towards the end of the program. However, this is a good thing if prices begin to move lower.